ways to increase your family’s veggie intake

Do you want to increase your family’s vegetable intake? It can be a challenge getting kids to eat vegetables, even as adults we often don’t eat as many vegetables in a day that we should. People often assume my children must eat everything but it’s not the case we have our challenges, vegetables are one of them! Perseverance is key! Here are some tips that can help you work towards increasing the whole family’s veggie intake.

(1) INCORPORATE IN EACH MEAL – I think a lot of families focus on incorporating veggies at dinner, but often forget the other meals/snacks. This puts a lot of pressure on kids to eat the evening meal.  I have been working on incorporating veggies in each meal, including breakfast, We usually start the day with scrambled eggs, so on the side I will add avocado, baby tomatoes and/or baked beans (look for sugar free, organic brand). Omelettes and breakfast muffins are also a good way of incorporating veggies too.  I also find if I have a container of cut up raw vegetables in the fridge, it makes it so much easier to incorporate vegetables into meal/snack times.

(2) VEGETABLE SHOP – Take your little ones when shopping for vegetables. This allows them to engage with the food, it may not mean they will eat it but it’s is a way to desensitise foods and exposes them to large variety of vegetables.

(3) COOKING – Get your kids involved in the preparation and cooking of vegetables. My kids love putting lettuce in the salad spinner, often the whole salad gets whizzed through including the dressing!

(4) DIPS – Dips are a great way to increase veggie intake. We love hummus and tzatziki in our household!

(5) VEGGIE STOCK – I often cook pasta/rice/vegetables in bone broth and also add it to bolognese, soups etc. You can also do this with vegetable stock, you can make your own or find a good quality brand without nasties (we love Changing Habits). It’s a great way of packing more nutrients into your food.

(6) SMOOTHIES – If my kids request a smoothie, I use it as a way of packing in as many nutrients as I can. Veggies that often feature are spinach, zucchini and cauliflower (steamed and then frozen).

(7) MODELLING  – If you want your child to eat vegetables make sure you are also eating vegetables at each meal/snack.


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