Chia Pots

Chia pots topped with raspberry and date purée for morning tea today! Also a great breakfast option or dessert.

Chia seeds will boost your child’s intake of omega 3’s, protein and fibre to name a few.

Recipe thanks to Green Kitchen Stories.

6 tbsp chia seeds
1/2-1 tsp vanilla powder
500ml almond milk

Punnet raspberries
4 soft dates
Desiccated coconut (optional for topping)

1. Place chia seeds, vanilla powder and almond milk in a bowl and whisk until combined.
2. Whisk from time to time for first 10 mins, then cover and place in fridge for at least 20mins.
3. To make puree blend raspberries and dates at high speed until smooth.
4. When chia is ready, place in bowls/pots and top with puree and desiccated coconut.




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