Vitamin C Gut Gummies

With a cool change hitting over weekend and coming off the back of a cold, I made a batch of  Vitamin C Gummies to give our immune systems a boost.

Gelatine is fantastic for gut health and digestion amongst other things! Suitable for both big and little tummies and super easy to make.

You don’t need cute silicon moulds you can just pour into a lined tray and them cut into cubes. I had a surplus of mandarins but you could make with any citrus fruit.

2 cups of mandarin or orange juice – strained.
2 tablespoons of Gelatine. Great Lakes is my brand of choice.
1 tbs honey – Manuka if you have it otherwise regular honey will suffice.
Optional: Vitamin C powder (read directions on packaging, they usually state g per ml of liquid)

(1) Place juice in saucepan and sprinkle on gelatine. Let the gelatine bloom (sit for 3-5 minutes).
(2) Warm the liquid and stir until gelatine is dissolved.
(3) Add honey and vitamin c powder.
(4) Pour into silicon moulds/lined tray and place in fridge to set.

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